Paintless Car Dent Repairs

Paintless Dent Removal

When it comes to fixing and painting dents in your car, less is more.

Depending on the severity of the damage to your car, paintless dent repair (PDR) is an option for minor dings and dents. Normally, when the damage is extensive, we do a full repair job. We have to tear the area to be repaired down, remove parts, trim, break into the paint and more.

Many parts on cars are now “one-use” installs – meaning, they are meant to be installed once. Once you remove them, they MUST be replaced. For doing a minor repair, this is where you can incur additional time and cost factors.

If the damage is minor and doesn’t include trim or bumpers, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a great alternative to our regular services. It is substantially less cost, fast and less intensive than a regular repair.

How to Find Out If PDR is A Good Fit for Your Car

There are three general criteria that determine if PDR is the right solution for you:

  • Your car can’t be more than 15 years old – Over time, paint can become brittle with age due to exposure to the elements. This means it flakes or chips easily, which could happen when attempting PDR.
  • Damaged area can’t have any cracks or chips in the paint – If the paint is broken at all, you will need a regular auto body repair service. Touch up painting is possible, but it never looks as good as a full repainting and repair.
  • Dents can’t be too large or in difficult areas – Corners or edges of the body can’t be fixed with PDR.

Benefits of PDR are:

  • Maintains integrity of your original paint – no fillers or layers of paint that could peel in the future.
  • Fast – Repair times range from 30 minutes to four hours, depending on the condition of car.
  • Cost – much less compared to full repair and repainting

How It Works

Paintless dent repair utilizes special tools which shape the dents from the rear. This process is gentle in nature and does not involve banging or hammering the dents. As such, the dent is re-shaped without having to take any extra steps that would drive up costs and labor.

How To Get Started with PDR Services

When we look at a car for our initial estimate, we are the first ones to recommend if PDR is the right solution or not. On the initial estimate we will:

  • Gather all relevant information about you and your car
  • Find out if insurance will be involved or not
  • Do an initial inspection of your vehicle
  • Determine if PDR is a good fit or not

If we determine that PDR is a good fit for your vehicle, we will be able to give you an estimate and start working as soon as you are ready.

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