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When you have been in an accident or need repairs to your car, choosing a body shop and dealing with the hassle of getting your car fixed is the LAST THING you want to be doing.

Here are Community Collision Centers, we make getting your car repaired as fast and stress-free as possible. With over two decades serving customers in the Orange County area, Factory and ASE Certified Technicians and the only LIFETIME GUARANTEE for all repairs, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the highest quality workmanship and customer service.

Our Auto Body Repair Services

We have a three step process when we start working with you:

1. Initial Estimate
2. Onboarding & Discovery
3. Repair & Restoration

Initial Estimate – here we will gather all the important information and get to know you. We determine if insurance companies are involved and who are the responsible parties. We do a thorough visual exam of your vehicle, documenting what we find. From there we provide an initial estimate.

Onboarding & Discovery – once you have decided to work with us, we onboard your vehicle and send it back to our Discovery & Blueprinting Team. Here we start dissassemby of the damaged areas, inspecting related areas, documenting all damage found, pre-ordering parts, identifying any potential problems and working with insurance companies for authorizations PRIOR to repairs.

Repair & Restoration – We repair your car from the frame up, using factory parts when possible. From the frame we go to mechancial, electrical and body parts, then to the paint deparment.

Windshield Repair

Your windshield is an important structural component of your car. If cracked, your windshield can fail to keep obstacles from pentetrating or fail to support the roof and cockpit of your vehicle.

We have an on-location auto glass division that can handle while-you-wait repairs or replacements, or you can schedule to drop off your vehicle to have the work done. We will:

Examine your auto glass to determine if it needs repair or replacement

Provide you with an estimate

Work with your insurance company if needed

Perform all work on site

Paintless Dent Removal

Depending on the severity of the damage to your car, paintless dent repair (PDR) is an option for minor dings and dents.

If the damage is minor and doesn’t include trim or bumpers, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a great alternative to our regular services. It is substantially less cost, fast and less intensive than a regular repair.

When we look at a car for our initial estimate, we are the first ones to recommend if PDR is the right solution or not. On the initial estimate we will: 

Gather all relevant information about you and your car

Find out if insurance will be involved or not

Do an initial inspection of your vehicle

If we determine that PDR is a good fit for your vehicle, we will be able to give you an estimate and start working as soon as you are ready.

Car Detailing Services

A complete interior and exterior detail is the final part of our auto body repair process. But – you DON’T have to get body work done on your car to use our detailing service.

What makes our detailing department different is that our detailers are experts on every aspect of your car’s paint, plastics, alloys and more. They are experts at making your car’s finish look like new again.

Our detailing services includes:

A thorough hand wash & drying

Wet sanding of any hard water stains in clear coat

Clay bar treatment to remove foreign contaminents

Prep sections after clay

Polish to remove swirls

Wax sealing with one to two sealers and wax

We offer detailing services to the public by appointment.

Vehicle Reconditioning Services

If your car is running great but looking a little worn – and you DON’T want to buy a new car – then our vehicle reconditioning program is perfect for you.

For a fraction of what it costs to buy a new car, we can restore your car to like it was the day it came off the showroom floor.

Our process restores:

Headlamps – We can sand, clear coat and wax to restore clarity

Windshields – Repair those chips or replace that cracked glass

Paint – we can re-paint parts that need it or the entire vehicle

Bumpers – We can do small repairs on bumpers, depending on condition

Trim – Many of today’s vehicles have “one-use” trim; meaning you can only replace it, not fix it

Interior – Fix things like cigarette burn holes, vinyl and leather repairs, carpet dying, reupholstering and foul odor removal

If you are interested in getting an estimate, call today.

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What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank you and Community Collision Centers for the recent repair work on my sons Subaru. I can honestly say I experienced some of the best customer support I have ever come across. Dealing with you personally and your team was a pleasure.

We were kept up to date on progress from beginning to end.. I was so impressed that In less than 10 working days you processed the car through insurance, replaced the front fender, driver’s door, untwisted the door pillar, and returned the car in new condition. The quality of the job done is a reflection on the quality of the team at MV Auto Collision, and the pride you all take in your work. Great job guys and thank you!!

Dave Wilmot


I received my repaired 2006 Toyota Tacoma today. Eric Vargas promised that it would be “spectacular” and indeed it was The workmanship was superb, the service exemplary and Eric was most professional. He apprised me of every step along the way. I am so impressed and will gladly recommend Community Collision Centers to anyone in need of your service. Great job!

Roger Preuss

Laguna Woods

I want to thank all of you, including the co-workers doing repair work for a outstanding repair on my auto.  Your entire staff did a outstanding job and it is greatly appreciated. My car never looked so good.  It looked brand new. I was considering purchase of a new smaller auto but the car looks so great I have saved quite a bit of money.  My wife and son said it looked better when you repaired it than they could ever recall.

Your Company over the past 20+ years have worked on few autos of mine and in all cases left me highly satisfied.  Seems you take every customer as if we are members of your family.

Bob Grovich


Craftsmanship – Reliability – Service & Commitment – Quality Guarantee

When you have been in an auto accident, the last thing in the world you need is more stress and hassle. At Community Collision Centers , we make sure that the only feelings you leave with are satisfaction in unsurpassed commitment to craftsmanship, service and quality.

The team at Community Collision Centers is committed to serving the good citizens of Orange County in auto body repair, whether it be auto body collision repair, or simply vehicle reconditioning. Customers and fleet services from Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Laguna Woods, Irvine, Laguna Niguel and throughout Orange County trust us with their auto body repair needs.

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